MySpace Facebook connect mash up means spam

MySpace held a joint press conference with Facebook today to announce their MySpace Facebook mashup. Basically, for MySpace users, the feature allows you to pull in your Facebook data (posts, likes, profile, etc), with the hopes of matching you with relevant content on the MySpace site. For MySpace, this feature addresses a long desired need to help introduce their users to additional content that will ultimately keep them coming back and keep them on the site longer.

There's just one problem. Spam. I went ahead and did the Facebook connect with my own personal MySpace account and within 30 min, I had 2 emails from MySpace "users" wanting to be my "friend". A content match? Maybe. Annoying? Yes.

 MySpace invite

It's my understanding that it's this kind of garbage that turns people off of MySpace and turned them on to Facebook. Users like the closed network that is Facebook. But, maybe none of this matters now as clearly, MySpace is going for the content play and conceding the social play to Facebook. We shall see!



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