Catch me at Apps World 2014

It's been far too long since my last blog post here. Twitter is all too convenient and I seldom have time to post something as informational as I'd like. That said, I'm taking the time now to mention that I'll be speaking at the Apps World 2014 North America conference in San Francisco on Feb 5-6, 2014.

I've been invited to be a panelist for their API Strategies Workshop on Feb 5. Some of the questions that I'll help try to answer:

  • Why develop an API – what’s the business case?
  • What benefits are there, uses, challenges?
  • Internal API’s vs External APIs – assessing different approaches
  • Planning, tools, and platform strategy
  • Security, scalability and performance

I have an immense amount of experience developing APIs, most recently for Live Nation Entertainment, where I manage the event discovery and ticketing commerce APIs that are used to power all of our mobile products. I'm also evangelizing opening up (to some degree) our APIs at Ticketmaster as well as leading product strategy for a new enterprise API that will be built upon our shiny new ticketing back-end. 

I have many examples and professional case studies for the benefits to developing an API, for opening up access and for making sure what you decide to build and launch will actually get used ("if you build it, they will come" does not always apply).

I've seen the value to providing alternative Web interfaces to data for a while, dating all the way back to the early-to-mid 2000's, when I decided to leverage trendy standards like RSS, feed readers and widgets, to deliver personalized, timely results to users. Now, I'm helping to build complex Rest interfaces that asynchronously manage the e-commerce flow for thousands of mobile app users every day.

I've launched multiple developer portals, managed developer networks, blog about how to use API and write API documentation for my products. I also help manage the set up and configuration of the Ticketmaster API. 

Looking forward to sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. It's not too late to register for the event. Hope to see you there!


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